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SlideshowSea Kayaking Haida Gwaii and the Great Bear Rainforest

Sea Kayaking Haida Gwaii and the Great Bear Rainforest

Explore British Columbia's remote coast by sea kayaking the Great Bear Rainforest and Haida Gwaii with Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures. We offer a limited number of eight to fifteen day sea kayaking expeditions to these spectacular kayak destinations.

Isolated from British Columbia by the infamous Hecate Strait, Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) are ecologically unique. These islands are often referred to as the ‘Canadian Galapagos’ with no less than 39 distinct subspecies of plants and animals that are found no place else in the world!

Haida Gwaii is home of the Haida Nation, and our trips travel their traditional waterways and visit traditional cultural sites, including Hot Spring Island, the village of Tanu, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ninstints, Our Haida Gwaii kayak tours take place within Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, voted as the #1 wilderness park destination in North America by National Geographic.

The Great Bear Rainforest is the largest pristine temperate rainforests left in the world. The rugged and challenging coast offers diverse paddling routes, abundant wildlife and a rich First Nations culture. The area is home to grizzly bears, black bears, the allusive Sprit Bear, wolves, whales, and a wide variety of bird life.

Our Great Bear Rainforest kayak tours are our most challenging and thus we require participants to have a higher level of kayaking experience than an of our other tours. As these tours are more expeditionary in nature we eave the itinerary flexible to deal with the dynamic environment we will be traveling in.

Sea Kayaking Haida Gwaii



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